Brothers of War: The POW Experience.  

The POW Experience
Compiled by James F. Arsenault (with Nancy Parsons)
Publisher: The Cheshire Press
About …
In March 1944, 39 American G.I.s, all war prisoners of Germany, were marched into a prison labor camp in Burzen in present-day Poland. As the men lived together, worked together, and learned to survive together, they bonded as brothers. When, in January 1945, they were set on a force march zig-zagging westward away from the closing Russian front, they cared for one another and protected each other, surviving starvation, illness and aily strafing and bombing. And all 39 survived to see liberation in May. While imprisoned at Burzen, they pledged to write their story—a story to which each man would contribute. It took more than a half century, but now the story is being told. Here, in this collective memoir and in the words of the brothers of war themselves, is their story of survival.

Here’s how The Cheshire Press helped …
As Jimmy Arsenault went about his organizational tasks, we supplied guidance and advice, scanned delicate original materials, then handled pre-press and interfaced with the printer. The Cheshire Press also assisted with promotion and online ordering. We are proud to present this very personal and important historical book.

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