Seven Years In The Royal Navy
by Lieut Ian S. Menzies, DSC RNVR (Ret)
Publisher: The Cheshire Press
About …
Ian S. Menzies, a long-time columnist for The Boston Globe, came to Boston after a seven-year wartime career in the Royal Navy, an experience that took him to Scapa Flow, Africa and, perhaps most memorably, to the Channel on D-Day. Mr. Menzies, now in his ‘nineties, has finally published this highly readable memoir of his years as a Lieutenant R.N.V.N. It is a fascinating account of a critical slice of history, brought to print with the skill of a professional newspaperman.

Here’s how The Cheshire Press helped …
At Mr. Menzies’s request, we supplied editing services for the memoir, bringing consistency to a narration that was written over many years. We designed the book and the cover and scanned and enhanced thirty-some photographs and drawings which illustrate this keepsake memoir.

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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.



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