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  We de-mystify Book Publishing

  The Cheshire Press provides all these services. Some of our clients use them all, some only use one or two. Feel free to choose the resources you need for your book project.

Book text design

Book cover design

Writing ... editing ... word-smithing ... proofreading


Color and Greyscale photo editing and retouching

ISBN and Library of Congress numbers

Preparation and uploading of electronic files to online,
on-demand printer

Available in both softcover and hardcover versions

Widely distributed: Available online at, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Content Group and Books-in-Print. Also available at bookstores around the world.

Creation of eBooks in PDF and ePub formats.

Placing your ebook in Apple's® iTunes® Bookstore,'s Kindle® Bookstore and the Barnes & Noble Nook® Bookstore

Designing, implementing and hosting a website for your book

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